Design + Architecture

A design concept that is modern and professional

Inspired by the area’s liveliness, ZhongGuanCun SOHO is envisioned by ministry of Design as an environment that is dynamic spatially and experientially. The entire building serves two primary purposes: for retail, as well as business office. Each of these portions possesses its own distinct identity, and yet all share a similar design concept that is modem, yet professional

Intelligent environmentally-friendly double-layer glass curtain walls

  • Comprised of an outside single-layer curtain wall, an inner Low-E curtain wall, as well as sun shading, air intake and output installations;
  • Using the ‘chimney effect’ and the principle of air heat compression, it draws fresh air into the room while moving the dirty air out, thereby eradicating dust from the room;
  • Energy savings of up to 30%. Reduces waste and second circulation, at the same time regulating moisture levels in winter and heat insulation in summer;
  • Sound insulation and noise-reduction features can reach up to 42dp (traditionally 32dp), creating a quiet and comfortable work environment.
  • Temperature sensors are installed on the sun-shading curtains allowing automatic adjustment of indoor light levels.

Elegant and scenic retail and F&B areas

The retail and F&B areas sit over four floors and are linked by a breathtaking skylight and sculptural spiral stairwell.The vast majority of space boasts panoramic views of the surrounding city,with strong visual presence from passing foot and vehicular traffic.

Commercial space with ultimate functionality

The commercial spaces above are bathed in natural light and form pleasant and progressive work environments. Spacious public areas link each of these units with the lift lobbies and project a modern and technologically savvy environment.

Interior Design

Ministry of Design has gained international recognition for its cutting-edge spatial designs in the fields of hospitality, commercial and residential work. Awarded the Grand Prize in the internationally acclaimed Gold Key Award for Excellence in Hospitality Design 2007, Ministry of Design was also the winner of the coveted President's Design Award 2006, Singapore's highest design accolade, and five-time winner of the Interior Design Confederation of Singapore Design Excellence Award 2006.

Interior Designer: Colin Seah

  • 1994 Photographer of 'Fashion & Architecture'
  • 1998 Architectural intern OMA, Rotterdam Studio Libeskind, Berlin
  • 2004 Founder & Director of Design Ministry of Design Pte Ltd
  • 2007 Interior Designer, Beijing SOHO Residences

Technical Specifications

Site areaapprox. 5,600 square meters
Gross construction areaapprox. 59,000 square meters (including 10,700 square meters of retail space and 33,500 square meters of office space)
Heightabout 50 meters
Plot ratio7
Parking spaces8 at ground level, 312underground
Standard meterage per floor3200-3300 square meters
Levels13 stories above ground, 4 floors below ground
Retail floors (Ground floor,2nd floor)4.5 meters high
Standard offices (3rd floor to 11th floor )3.6 meters high; 12th floor = 3.8 meters high
The floor at the top4.8 meters high
Basement 14.5 meters high (3 meters high in some areas)
Basement 2,3,43.3 - 4.5 meters high

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ZhongGuanCun SOHO

No. 8, North 2nd Ave

Haidan District, Beijing