ZhongGuanCun and the world’s most high-tech commercial zone

Zhongguancun, Financial Street, and CBD are the three preeminent commercial areas of Beijing. The competitiveness of “China’s Silicon Valley” Zhongguancun with CBD and Financial Street arises from its exemplary resources and talents in advanced technology, which attract many multinational corporations to set up R&D centers there. As a new commercial area,the value of Zhongguancun’s real estate also has great appreciation potential in the future. High-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun are also will be granted preferential policies on taxation and financial support.


  • North 4th Ring Road: There is quick access on and off North 4th Ring Road.
  • ZhongGuanCun Avenue: An important connection with Shangdi, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhongguancun, Renmin University, Xizhimen, 3rd Ring Road and 2nd Ring Road.
  • Bus transport: 384, 47, 808, 718, 740, 355 Branch, 840, Yuntong 109, 206, 106.
  • Rail transport: Subway No.4 to be open in September 2009 to link Zhongguancun through Xizhimen, Xidan and Xuanwumen to Majiapu; the Huangzhuang station and Suzhoujie Station of Subway No.10 connect with the northeast 3rd Ring Road and give rapid access to CBD.

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